Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl…So begins the saga of Lola and Tony. Their tale of love and romance on the way to stardom had captivated millions, and now is a full-scale, Broadway-style musical fantasy. Original songs created by Barry Manilow, dazzling costumes, spectacular sets and sensational choreography all add up to an evening of entertainment that will leave you breathless.

Stephen, an aspiring songwriter, engrossed in the perpetual tempo of his electric synthesizer, envisions and creates the world’s next big hit, as his patient wife vies for attention with his drum machine. But alas, only this new song is on his mind and in his heart. His remarkable inspiration carries him and the audience back to an era when music and passion were always the fashion at the world famous Copacabana nightclub in New York City.

Just arrived from Tulsa, “Okla-nowhere,” is Lola Lamarr; with two suitcases in hand and a dream in her heart. Brimming with optimism, hope and the sheer determination to become a star, Lola follows her dreams through thankless audition halls in the entertainment capital of the world. Performing a lethargic Helen Morgan interpretation of “Man Wanted,” she poises on top of a piano – a performance that leaves the producers cold, but, always hopeful, Lola marches on to the beat of her own tune, determined to make her mark on show business.

Undaunted by her failure to turn her dream into reality, Lola confidently strides into the Copacabana where she meets Tony Starr, a bartender with dreams of his own. Smitten by the sheer beauty and fiery spirit of the talented performer, Tony arranges an audition with the club proprietor, Sam Silver, launching Lola on the path to stardom as a Copa Girl.

As Tony serenades Lola with an original composition and reveals, “You Were Always In My Dreams,” his aspirations are fulfilled when he too is awarded a lead role in the Copacabana Club.

Stepping out of his dream momentarily, the modern-day Stephen returns to create yet another character, which adds considerable drama and intrigue to the storyline contained within his song.

His name was Rico – He wore a diamond – He was escorted to his chair. He saw Lola dancing there…

Captivated by Lola, adorned in a revealing Carmen Miranda style costume as she dances to the pulsating rhythms of “Aye Caramba!,” Rico arranges a meeting, seduces her with his sensual rendition of “Bolero De’ Amor” and whisks her away to a distant new world. With tropical sunlight streaming through the window, Lola is awakened by Conchita Alvarez, the brilliant Tropicana star in Havana, Cuba who warns her of the dangers of defying Rico.

With promises to take care of her and make her a star, the domineering Rico consoles and reassures Lola that he only has her best interests at heart. He insists that Lola immediately prepare to rehearse the show that made his Tropicana Nightclub famous – “El Bravo.”

Back in New York, and on-stage amidst celestial beauties, Tony captures the hearts of his audience with “Sweet Heaven, I’m In Love Again,” completely unaware that his new love is being held captive in Havana by the villainous Rico.

Sounds of electrifying rhythms abound as the most famous actress in all of Cuba sings “Welcome To Havana.” Conchita Alvarez and her personal troupe of male dancers light up the stage with vibrant purple frills and sequins. Following her strenuous rehearsal, Conchita discovers Tony and Sam Silver who have come to the rescue of Lola. Together they conspire to save Lola as Conchita prepares Tony for the performance of his life.

The stage is set for a dramatic evening aboard a pirate ship at the Tropicana, in Havana. Dressed in colorful garb, pirates jeer lustily at the fair maiden, portrayed by Lola, chained at her feet. As the ship teeters on the swollen seas, the sailors persecute their distraught captive who defiantly sings of “El Bravo.” Mermaids, with colorful, sequined fins, caught in the spray of the rushing sea, sing mournfully of the fate of the fair maiden.

But the musing of the sailors and mermaids is halted by Tony, under the guise of a pirate, as he swings into action to rescue his sweetheart. Much to Rico’s disdain, a fierce battle ensues. Rico, armed with a revolver, attempts to eliminate Tony permanently.  A shout resounds, but it is the vicious Rico who collapses in a pool of blood. Stunned by her act of vengeance, a bewildered Conchita joins the jubilant Tony and Lola on their flight to freedom.

Recapping their fortunate fate, the young lovers embrace as they plan their future together. They’ll have it all, a beautiful house, white picket fence, and kids, beautiful kids…

As images of Lola fade away, Stephen is brought out of his dream and back to his studio, his drum machine, his beautiful wife…The mesmerizing power of his music is realized as he reveals to his wife, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Lola, “You’re My Dream Come True.” Music and passion were always in fashion at the Copa – they fell in love!